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Phone text are preferred,however you can email me at:

I Coined the phrase: Unsettled weather, unsettled Prairiedogs,Dogs Love sunny bright warm days, not cloudy , windy or unsettled weather.

Shots per day to expect-it all depends on the hunter and dogs. If its beautiful weather and the hunter gets on the dogs, shots can be as many as 300 rds per day. Cleaning copper out of the barrels every 30 rds can handicap that but Accuracy is highly important in this game.

If you are looking for JUST short shots all day long from 100~200 yards,PLEASE I beg of you,CHOOSE another GUIDE. I am a Long Range Teacher and push to teach you Long Range Shooting so you learn how To shoot Prairie~Dogs properly, so all YOUR hunts make you happy!!!

I want you to leave here with this hunt being the most fun & exciting times you ever had!!!

If you look for close range SHOTS and nothing more,you will be
"Greatly Disappointed Hunting Here"!!

If we have close Shots,then naturally we take them,But I WILL NOT MOVE my trailers,just cause you paid good money,we will do this RIGHT or none at all!!

NO Large GUNS ALLOWED,unless your on an OCT hunt and its the last day of your hunt to check accuracy of your Deer Rifle.Large Calibers tend to scare the dogs!!(30~06 & up)

No full metal jacket bullets. They dont expand and wounded dogs go to the hole.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! YOUR BOOKING A CALENDAR DATE,Decide wheather your really SERIOUS about this FIRST ok!! If you can't make your hunt,just call and we will apply the deposit to another date!

My Phone rings off the wall looking for a hunt,then after I get them hunt DATES they forgot the have to leave a DEPOSIT to SET the Dates UP!! PLEASE,PLEASE if you call and set up hunt dates,PLEASE have the courtesy to CALL me back if you CANT GO,,LET me know so others may have a chance to BOOK the hunt you cant go on!!.

Weather related hunts that are rained out or to windy,we just rebook it at no cost.

Prairiedog shooting is CLASSED as Long Range Shooting,thats what I excel in and have a great deal to offer you!!!!

I want my hunters to stand above the crowd when they are at their local Gunshops.I want and try my best to get my hunters Long Shots so they can go HOME feeling Great about themselves and their hunts!!

Sure we will take shots Closer if we are offered that but Dog Hunting is Only about learning to take the shots your Offered!! In the real world there are not ONLY JUST CLOSESHOTS! I have heard the stories about the Dakotas,Montana,and Wyoming of driving around on the Dogs to get CLOSE SHOTS~We dont do that here UNDERSTAND that please!!

Please I beg you to try other outlets that drive all over and ruin their dog~towns by doing so,to please you.I am very easy going,but I have build this up from the ground and my reputation of being fair & honest will NOT be tarnished by moving around on the dogs!!!

Now if you want to be a great shooter,please come here,as you will be treated with dignity,& respect and you will leave with a greater deep found knowledge of shooting properly!!

I have a 53 Page Online book in PDF Format which is $20.00. It covers very important things in Prairiedog Shooting I have learned over the Years. Mail check or money order for the amount to my address below and drop me an Email and I will in turn send you the Download for it.


Larry Gene Pate
Box 200

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