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Smithhouse Bed & Breakfast

Question #1~What Caliber is best for Prairie Dog Hunting?

Answer:Any Varmint caliber is good in a dog town,223,22~250,243,220 Swift,any of the Wilcat Cartridges.

Question #2~Spotting Scopes or Binoculars?

Answer:If you bring a Spotting scope and stay on it much,you will have a massive headache at the end of the day,due to Eye Strain.Binoculars win this Question everytime.

Question #3~What about Sun Screen or a Shade tarp to keep sun off?

Answer:I carry Sunscreen and have Tarps on Shooting Tailers for Cover to keep sun off.Only problem with Tarps is ,if the wind gets up much,it pops tarp and shots are eratic,so Sunscreen is nice to have.I wear a Long Sleeve White sirt to keep sun off myself and it doesnt attract heat so I stay comfortable all day.

Question #4~What about Snakes? Are there any to have to deal with?

Answer:Anytime your in a Prairie Type Setting,there is always a possibility of seeing snakes.Yes our area has had Rattle Snakes killed in it but Not Very Often.Mostly all you see is Bullsnakes.Just be watchful Always when in any dogtown anywhere.

Question #5~ What about Footwear?

Answer:Wear whats comfortable to you and same with Clothes.We will be on hunt Trailers so you will be up off the ground.

Question #6~How hard is it to learn Long Range Shooting?

Answer: Shooting Long range is so easy,I have 14 year olds and 16 year old young guys come here and shoot Long Range.Don't make something difficult thats so easy to Learn.Listen to Instruction and Learn and Become the Shooter you can be~Be the Best you can Be!!

Question #7~What Weather is Best & The Best Time Of The Year?

Answer:Anytime the Suns Out and nice and Pretty,the dogs will be Feeding,even on cold days,once the sun comes out and Warms things up,Dogs are everywhere! Rainy weather and Un~settled weather puts dogs down in their Dens and Shooting is Poor.Windy weather can do the Samething.Nice Un ~Settled weather is what we need!

Question#8~I can Take the Hot Weather,can we hunt the hot months?

Answer:No,Dog hunting of a morning can be good but after lunch the Dogs go down to get outta the heat.Dogs Prefer 65~80 degree weather.At 5 foot down in their Dens,its 65 To 68 degrees year around,so they will go where its nice and Comfortable

Question #9~Is the Big Calibers ok To hunt with?

Answer:Big caliber rifles mean more noise and dogs get spooky with those.If your on a Sept Hunt Or October hunt and need to check your Deer or Elk rifle,then bring it,we will check your Zero the last day of the hunt,the last hour or so.That way it won't make a difference!

Question #10~Can we drive and shoot out the Window of the truck or walk the Dogtown for Closer Shots?

Answer: No,,driving on a Dog Town will Habituate the Dogs and walking is the Sameway.Those two methods are the WRONG way to shoot dogs.I DO NOT drive or walk my Dog Towns and the hunting is ALWAYS the best it can be.Learn to shoot whatever distance is offered.Learn To EXCEL at dog Shooting,Be known as someone who will shoot any distance and be happy and be great at what you do,ANYONE can shoot close shots,that's not any kind of acomplishment!

This about covers most all Questions most asked,if you have any specific ones feel free to ask!

Here's One of the Hunt Trailers