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Lifetime PrairieDog Study

I have spent my entire lifetime up till now,studing Prairiedogs and just what makes them tick & operate.I am 71 now and been doing this since I was 16 years old and been in every situation with the"dog" In the Rain,Wind,& Snow & all kinds of Conditions & how it directally affected the Dog himself & how he reacted to those kinds of changes in his enviroment!

I am the ONLY one I know of thats spent their entire LIFE studing this "ONE THING" Intensely!!! When I arrive on a "Dogtown" the Very first thing I do is to see what I call "THE CONDITION OF THE DOGTOWN"~Basically,that means looking at the town over all and "if their are Dog Up" how are they acting?? Are they at peace and eating on grass,or are they running back & forth as if they are in "FEAR" of COYOTES~HAWKS or Badgers trying to raise havoc with them! Also is the wind Blowing that's got the dogs unsettled?? All these things play an "IMPORTANT ROLE" in if your day of Shooting is going to be successful or not!!

I have heard all the stories about driving on the "Dogs" just to get CLOSE shots and Ruining it for all other HUNTERS that wanted to hunt them all day ,instead of running up and down the dogtown,driving all over tarnation "TRYING TO GET" that desired UP CLOSE SHOT!! Well Long story short,that proceedure and undertaking has "RUINT" more GREAT "DOGTOWNS" and hunting than any Bubonic Plague has,rest assured!! Some Folks never learn nor care!

If your going to be Sucessful at all on being any kind of Quality "Dog Shooter" then I suggest you "spend some time Learning about your Advisary your hunting!!

Why not TRY YOUR BEST to study what it takes to be the Very Best Possible Shooter you possibly can be and Learn & study accuracy at different distances and forget about close shots!! Yeah if you get those that's fine,but to just Concentrate on "JUST CLOSE"????

Your Rifle,Scope & All your Equipment is Expensive as can be this day,plus count all the Hours & time you spend working up Accurate Loads for each rifle and your working FOR "JUST CLOSE SHOTS"?? Everytime I have ever been in the field with my rifle and Binoculars,I challege myself to "BE BETTER" than I have been before!

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