Larry's Deer Blind Build

My deer blind I build is Quiet,insulated and used 6 tubes of Silicone inside and out on Primed paint to seal in seams all the way around.

Its measurements are 6X6X6,built out of 2 X 2's and screwed together.Flat sheet metal sealed the bottom edges around the outside of blind to Avoid Mice & Rats coming in and seats two hunters.

Sliding Plexy~glass windows seated on rolled rubber strips to avoid noise sliding windows.Electricity is powered by a Hot Marine grade 12 Volt Battery,with 12 volt(50 Watt) Bulb's bought off Ebay for light,with a light switch as you come up thru the door on the wall.

Inside Plexy glass window are painted Black so morning inside light in the Blind does's show up outside!This way you can drink your coffee from your 12 Volt Coffee Maker with cord up thru Floor.Walls and Floor are covered with Shag carpet so Noise level is Quiet as possible.One of the cushioned chairs sets on a Solid Supported door that comes thru the floor.Chairs are folded when not in use!

Bottom of Blind is Boxed in on three walls(mainly wall facing north so Snow is kept out.

Floor is built solid with 2 X 4's and 19/32 flooring.It can be freezing Cold and a Small Buddy Heater is all needed everyonce in a while to keep it comfortable.Outside windows are covered so noting gets into blind,rain,snow,or wasp!! Money well spent on a heavy duty blind that last! Rubber Roof to help protect wood underneath.It would be a Great idea to Seal the roof before rubberizing with Boiled Linseed Oil,several coats as much as it will except(4 Coats),let dry for a week,then rubberize! This is Very Nice to set in!
Larry's Deer Roast Recipe Link Below Images!!

Larry's Deer Roast Recipe