Drought Dogs Habits
by:Larry Gene Pate

As food availability becomes more scarce during dry & drought times,dog habits change to accommodate themselves so they don't run out of food.Dogs have been on the Central plains of the United States since the 1800's so dogs definitely aren't being killed by the drought by any means.

Droughts have been many down thru the days and dogs survive.They are highly resilient to droughts.They get their moisture,small as it may be,thru the dry grass as it even registers a minimul amount of moisture.They also eat secondary plants that stay green,small cactus,yellow plains flowers and bluestem grasses.They aren't up as much as short feeding sessions remain short and sweet.Shots become less somewhat because of the slower activity,so sometime shooters become frustrated.

If you learn to shoot the distance dogs your hunts become a lot more fun as close dogs,even pups are almost non existent during drought time and even they become longer shots,which is another way they insure their survivability!At and during drought time you see even hawks and owls flying a lot less due to the changed habits of the dog.

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